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Canopy Finca Las Hormigas

About Us

Finca Las Hormigas is a regenerative organic permaculture farm and private nature reserve located in the lush lowland tropical rainforest of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. We are dedicated to providing a space for those passionate about furthering their practice of regenerative agriculture and promoting a healthy, sustainable way of life for this and future generations.   We believe in leadership by example.

Our primary objective is to facilitate a space for educators and students to collaborate, learn and experience first hand regenerative and off grid sustainable living practices.  We collaborate with neighbors and locals by educating them how to improve their farming practices - which in many cases started using traditional kill and fertilizer practices of modern agriculture.


 Our founders, Manuel and Xio, and all past, present and future hormigas, are responsible for creating this physical and social environment, day by day, one shovel and a time, one seed at a time. We did not know that we would arrive here or how, but where and how we will continue to grow - has been and will continue to be the product of those that join our family and this dream!  


MISSION: Finca Las Hormigas evolves as a hub of innovation in soil microbiology, dedicated to mastering and sharing knowledge in organic soils, fertilizers, and pesticides. Our community is committed to leading the way in sustainable agricultural practices, offering in-depth education and hands-on experiences in the science and art of soil health.

VISION: Our vision is to be recognized as a pioneering educational and conservation center in the field of soil microbiology. We aspire to empower individuals and communities with cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills in organic farming, thereby playing a crucial role in promoting ecological balance and advancing the future of sustainable agriculture.


We are guided by the ethics of permaculture: to care for our earth, our peoples and sharing our abundances!
We do this by being leaders in soil creation and creating vibrant food systems - demonstrating how it can be done.  By offering workshops, retreats and work exchange programs to share our knowledge.  And by protecting an important path of rainforest with like-minded neighbors to create a large land mass of virgin rainforest for species to thrive in.

Whether you're interested in learning about soil microbiology, sustainable agriculture, immersing yourself in Costa Rican culture, or simply enjoying the beauty of our farm, we may have what you are looking for. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and start planning your stay at Finca Las Hormigas!

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