Finca Las Hormigas from above

Welcome to Finca Las Hormigas


About us

We are a unique farming experience

Finca Las Hormigas is located in a 45 Hectare / 110-acre property between the town of Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coastline and the Sixaola River on the Costa Rican / Panama border. 

The farm property is composed of approximately 20% virgin lowland tropical rainforest, 50% recuperating secondary forest that had been logged over 20 years ago, and the remaining 30% old cattle pastures. 

Our Mission

Finca Las Hormigas is a permacultural community that strives to offer unique learning opportunities blending education, discovery and regenerative farming. 

Our Vision

We envision to become an educational and conservation center that offers unique learning opportunities to equip individuals with knowledge and skills, to support us in our journey of restoring the balance between humans and the natural world. 

We abide by the Permaculture ethics of:

  1. Earth care

  2. People care 

  3. Fair Share


Finca Las Hormigas is a place which transformed my life with its infinite learnings. First with the magical experience of living in a community, making me grow up about my understanding and respect for each individual process which everybody has, finding in the coexistence with others an opportunity to always learn something new from another life perspective.

Second, to appreciate through the permaculture a lifestyle that is in favor of an efficient and responsible use of natural resources, showing me the huge value of living in awareness with nature, creating a commitment with me to learn more and more about this lovely art. Last but not least, all those feelings were born in the company of a mystic place, surrounded by a wonderful natural environment which made me feel supported with its wise energy and at home with its cozy vibe. Lovely moments!

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