Farm to table

Updated: Feb 7

We can define farm to table as a social movement that strives to prepare meals from locally sources ingredients, this ensures fresh, natural and nutritious foods.

It is known that this movement initially started in the 1970's in response to the processed and canned food industry that was reigning back then. But it is said that this "trend" exploded in the 2000´s.

Preparing your meals with local ingredients goes beyong the pleasure of knowing where your food comes from. As time goes by we become aware of more and more benefits of this way of cooking, so I would like to mention a few of them:

*Food security by growing food that is affordable and nutritious.

*Regenerative food production by substantially reducing the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

*Promoting healthy diets.

*Reducing food loss and waste.

Luckily we can affirm that farm to table is not a passing trend, this intentional movement was created to transform the culture around how we cook and eat.

We invite you to start visiting your local farm to table restaurants and enjoy by yourself the wonders of eating a meal made with love using ingredients that are grown within a couple of miles from where you are sitted.

And of course if you ever come to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica; please come and pay us a visit at Finca Las Hormigas, we will be delighted to cook a delicious meal for you from what mother nature lovingly provides for us!

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