Why is agritourism becoming increasingly popular?

Updated: Feb 7

Here are a few reasons why you should include a farm stay in your next trip!

Perhaps you have recently heard about this concept that is becoming increasingly popular in recent times; agritourism, does it ring a bell for you?

One could simply define agritourism as doing some tourism that involves agricultural activities, but the actual philosophy behind it encompasses so much more.

Even though agritourism is not new to the world, as in the late 1880's and 1960's different farmers have developed touristic activities in different parts of the world to support their farming operations, what has changed are the reasons why people choose to include a farm stay in their travels.

Our rustic bungalows nestled in the heart of the Caribbean jungle

If you are a slow traveler who is not into the frenzy of ticking off a list of places to see, if you are all about immersive experiences and reconnecting with the essential things of life, agritourism is for you.

During a stay at a farm, you get to experience a different way of doing things, thinking, feeling and living. You might get the chance to care for animals, plant and harvest crops and enjoy a big time favorite; a farm to table feast prepared with fresh organic ingredients and lots of love.

Apart from living a one of a kind experience you get the chance to support local farmers and give them an opportunity to share their tremendous knowledge and love for the land they passionately take care of on a daily basis.

Doing agritourism is a truly transformational experience for all the people involved! Just picture yourself, slowing down the usual rhythm of your routine to fully absorb what living in a farm is all about. Sounds inviting, doesn´t it?


Now that you understand why agritourism is becoming so popular you are probably wondering where to experience it, right?

Well here comes our invitation. If you have a visit plan to Costa Rica, make sure you also plan a visit to the Caribbean coast and come experience agritourism with us. We offer you a unique tropical farming experience and will be delighted to share with you all of the pleasures of living in harmony with nature,

What are you waiting for? Come and stay at our farm!

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