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Our tropical immersion retreats will allow you to live a simple life

in deep connection with nature, while learning the basics of Permaculture.

About the Event

Welcome to Finca Las Hormigas, a sustainable organic farm and retreat center located in the beautiful tropical region of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

We offer a range of unique and transformative retreats throughout the year, each designed to nourish the mind, body, and spirit while connecting with nature.


Our retreats are carefully crafted to provide a holistic experience, incorporating yoga, meditation, organic food, and other wellness practices.

We believe that by immersing ourselves in nature and taking time for self-reflection, we can discover new insights and cultivate a deeper sense of well-being.

Whether you're seeking a rejuvenating yoga retreat, a transformative plant medicine journey, or a tailored experience for your group, we invite you to join us at Finca Las Hormigas. Our experienced team is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment for your personal growth and transformation. We look forward to sharing this beautiful corner of Costa Rica with you.


During your stay at Finca Las Hormigas, you will receive a holistic experience that combines learning, community-building, and immersion in the natural world. Here's what's included in the program


This experience would not be the same

if you don't get to farm life yourself.

You will stay in a rustic yet very comfortable bungalow, where you have the option to share a bungalow with other 3 wonderful people, or a private bungalow.

All of our handcrafted bungalows are fully equipped with everything you need to feel at home, including clean sheets, warm blankets, comfortable pillows, and towels.

Our accommodation facilities include shared outdoor showers and composting toilets, which offer an authentic and sustainable farm experience.

You'll be sharing the space with up to 4 people.

For an additional $300, you can opt

for a private bungalow.


Discover the farm's facilities on the dedicated page  and start planning your stay with us!



We provide 3 delicious, vegetarian meals each day.

Our meals are made with natural, oganic ingredients, many of which come directly from our farm.

Permaculture classes

You'll attend daily classes that cover the fundamentals of

permaculture, ecology, farm systems, soil, and more.

Our expert instructors will share their knowledge and experience with you, providing you

with a solid foundation.

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Hands-on experience

We believe that experiential learning is the best way to learn, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to apply what you've learned during the classes.

You'll work alongside our expert staff,  gaining practical experience in tropical farming techniques.

Daily yoga and meditation

Start your day with a relaxing yoga or meditation session to prepare your body and mind for the day ahead


Cultural field trips

To balance the farm life, we'll take you on a couple of cultural field trips to experience the vibrant local community and the beauty of our beach town.

Dedicated support

Throughout your stay, you'll have a dedicated farm staff member who will be available

to support you and answer your questions.
We've designed this program to give you a deep and meaningful experience of permaculture and farm life

in the tropics. We can't wait to share it with you!


Just like life itself, this schedule is subject to change.  Some retreats are shorter while some are longer,

but here is what a typical 10  days immersion will be like:

Day 1 - Welcome to Las Hormigas

Welcome to our farm circle

Farm Orientation


Day 2 - Permaculture Basics

Farm Tour

Learning about farm lifeIntro to Permaculture

Day 3 - It's all about the soil

Tour of the soil lab and composting systems

Soil workshop

Practice on composting and creating soil


Day 4 - Farm to table

cooking class

harvesting to alternative cooking

Natural Spa Day

Day 5 - Field Trip Day

Intro to Permaculture

Cacao Tour to Bribri Community

Waterfall Tour

Day 6 - Beach and Surf
Beach hopping tour
Surf class or kayak tour (optional)


Day 7 - Day off
Plant systems workshop I
Getting to know our agroforestry system
Plant a tree day

Day 8 - Agroforestry Day
This is a day to relax and integrate
what you have learned so far
Massages available (for an extra fee)

Day 9 - Plant systems
Plant systems workshop II
Hands On work with our farm systems

Day 10 - Farm systems
Work on the maintenance of the
different farm systems in teams
Farm systems workshop
Integration circle
Farewell Party

Next Events

  • 3rd Annual ACRORICA Retreat
    3rd Annual ACRORICA Retreat
    Mon, Feb 05
    Feb 05, 2024, 3:00 PM – Feb 11, 2024, 11:00 AM
    Ania, Finca las Hormigas Permaculture Farm, Limón, Ania, 70403, Costa Rica
    Feb 05, 2024, 3:00 PM – Feb 11, 2024, 11:00 AM
    Ania, Finca las Hormigas Permaculture Farm, Limón, Ania, 70403, Costa Rica
    We are proud to host our 3rd annual Acrorica retreat. Come learn or perfect your acro yoga practice with world class instructors, daily meditation, yoga, workshops and lots of fun activities. Space for 20 people.
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