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At our farm, we are passionate about

regenerative living and farming practices.


That's why we offer a wide range of workshops and activities designed to educate and inspire our visitors on the importance of ecological and regenerating living.




Natural Building

We also offer workshops on natural building, where we  teach participants how to build environmentally friendly structures using locally sourced materials,

such as bamboo, grasses and clay.


This includes techniques such as cob,

waddle and daub, earthen floors construction

and adobe building.

Off-grid Solutions

We are passionate about off grid living with a reduced impact and depending on "the system".  We teach how to catch and store renewable energy resources

such as solar, water and thermophilic systems.


We believe that regenerative living is the key to a

healthier and happier world.

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For those who have already or curious about applying permaculture practices to daily life, we join you on that path to a better world. We offer many workshops teaching the principles and techniques of

this regenerative farming system.

We also embrace the future younger generations that will join us via special permaculture workshops tailored to the younger populations, which are a fun and engaging way to introduce children to the importance of ecological living.

Soil Building

Soil generation is perhaps what we are most passionate about!  Healthy food starts with amazing soil - and at Finca Las Hormigas, we embrace that concept fully.  We have designed several workshops that will teach you everything about building better soils, such as composting techniques, vegetable bed making, vermicomposting, black soldier fly farming, compost teas, making and inoculating biochar and much more.

Led by experienced farmers and soil experts, these workshops teach participants the science behind soil ecology and how to create a thriving soil ecosystem that supports plant growth and biodiversity.


Well Being

The Unalone Shala is the perfect space for those

seeking refuge and well-being.


Regular yoga, meditation and breath work sessions are offered in our beautiful and sacred space located above the farm and overlooking the rainforest.

Farm To Table

Our workshops are especially popular, as they give participants the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal made with ingredients sourced right from our farm.

Participants learn about the importance of locally sourced, organic food, and get to experience firsthand the benefits of regenerative farming practices.


Fermented Food

Fermentation is another important aspect of regenerative living by adding new flavors and textures to foods, extending shelf lives of perishable foods, and making some nutrients more easily absorbed by the body, and providing an environment for probiotics to grow and reproduce.  

Participants learn how to preserve food using natural fermentation methods, which not only extends the shelf life of food, but also provides numerous health benefits.

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